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December 1998

Now that there is a little lull before they all descend on Chuck and I for New Years Eve, I am going to try and catch people up on 1998 at 1 Elm Street. A good year and very memorable. All six of our children were home for Christmas for the first time since 1991. Ken, Theresa, Kat, and John spent a week with us over Christmas.

Ken has set up a Feller Home Page http:\\  While he was here we added a couple things and he set up a page for each of the kids. We will encourage each of them to keep pictures and information about themselves and their families current. Some are blank, because Ken just set them up and he taught me how to maintain them, and I haven’t had time to do them or teach them to do their own. Check us out sometime. Hopefully you’ll see new pictures and current updates from New Jersey. If you don’t have a computer, most libraries have access to the Internet until you decide you can’t live without a computer.

Chuck went back to work for AT&T as a consultant in January. He really enjoys it now that he doesn’t have to worry about writing appraisals and all of the politics that goes along with a big corporation. He says all he has to do is go to work and do his job. Still says he will only work for a couple years and then we will put the motor home on the road for long periods of time. In August he started his own consulting company – DAKOTA EAST SERVICES INC. He is anxiously awaiting our first good snowstorm because he has a new snow blower to try out. If we plan to spend our retirement years in Chester, this was probably a necessity.

In April, AT&T came out with a retirement buy out offer that I couldn’t refuse. To take it, I had to be off the payroll by June 30 and had to use up all vacation before that date. Needless to say, I didn’t have a problem doing that and worked 4 more days and said good-bye to AT&T. I have been dreaming about that for 15 years. I have really enjoyed being home and do not have a problem filling my days. I have a Viking sewing machine and spend many hours sewing and embroidering. Grandchildren enjoy a new shirt with something embroidered on it and I have designed bibs. I do some quilting and this next year plan to teach myself smocking. I do a little bit of volunteer work but most of all just enjoy the hours at home.

We drove the motor home back to the Midwest this summer. Yes, I did drive a few miles when Chuck wanted a break from driving. We were in Mapleton for my 40th class reunion, and spent about a week in South Dakota and Omaha. It was fun seeing everyone. Then we just did some weekend camping around here. No real plans for the motor home this coming year, but are sure we won’t just let it set.

In September Katie had a baby girl (Madalyn Frances). She is really a good baby and Nicholas loves his baby sister. They still live in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. It is a little over an hour drive to their house and if they haven’t been here for awhile, I go out early in the day and spend the day with them. Madalyn will be baptized January 10 and all of us that are around will be there for that.  (

In October, Steve and Lise came back to New Jersey. They are staying here with Chuck and I until they buy a house in the spring. It’s good to have them back. When they were home in August they both found jobs and went right to work when they got here. Lise enjoys being close to her family, and Steve instantly signed up to join the Chester Volunteer Fire Company. (

Ken and Theresa are still in Los Alamos, New Mexico. They were here for Christmas and sometime this year Chuck and I will probably fly to New Mexico. Ken is a busy person. He owns three businesses and worked many hours when he was here answering phone calls and solving problems. Theresa threatened him that if he answered his cell phone for business on Christmas day she would take it away from him until they got back home. One business is his structural engineering, another is computer sales and services and lastly he also is an ISP with a commercial web site.( and sells web pages to businesses.  (

Sheri and Dave were married on October 30. Chuck and I gained three new grandchildren – Alex 11, Thomas 8 and Justin 6. This brought us up to 13 and they all have a great time when they get together at the Grandparents house. They live right outside of Chester and we see a lot of them and their five kids. Sheri also left AT&T in June. She decided she could take a whole lot less stress in her life and started her own business. She cleans houses here in Chester and is much busier than we ever thought she would be. She is really too busy but enjoys it and would not consider returning to corporate life. In January, she and Dave are off to Hawaii for ten days. In April or May they are planning a barn dance to celebrate their marriage. ( This is not active until her computer is completely set up and she subscribes to AT&T World Net

Fritz continues to work at his drafting and enjoys it. Fritz has added a few pounds in the last year. When we see Fritz we also get to see Sue and her sons. Fritz thought it was a wonderful year just because the Yankees once again won the World Series. (I can think of about 20 other teams I would have sooner won). (

Jeff is still with Prudential. His healthcare group was sold to Aetna and in 1999 will probably see some changes. Marie passed a milestone in pursuit of a nursing career. She now works as a nurse’s aid as she continues her schooling to become an RN. The kids are great kids busy with scouting, music lessons, etc. The twins started pre-K this year and are wonderful mischievous little boys. It is fun to watch Alec and Kirk and Katie’s Nicholas play. When they are here for a meal all I need is fresh homemade dinner rolls to make them happy. The three of them can eat a dozen and a half easily. (

Well that’s about all there is from 1 Elm Street for now. Hope to talk, see, or visit you on the Internet soon.

Have a happy and healthy 1999.

Love and Prayers,                                                                                                                                           

Chuck & Ina               
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